7 Eleven in Taiwan

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1. 7-Eleven Taiwan has captured the right balance between standardization and localization. Standardization can be seen in the following aspects:
* Consistency in color separation of its signage and presentation of the corporate logo. This makes sure a consistent image of 7-eleven can be established worldwide * Arrangement of the store interiors. 7-eleven uses uniform floor plan for every US store, while in Taiwan, though the store’s layout can vary as the area available is smaller, it still maintain a similar format and Localization: Service content, product offerings– American products such as Slurpy, hot dogs. stopped stocking pots pans plates saucers and hardware. Local flavor – tea egg, baozi, luwei, fantuan, biandang. Increase convenience factor: Selling packaged food -> fresh foods, and products that could be consumed immediately. renting/franchising,

Benefit of standardization:
* Consistent product/ company image.
* Better utilization of resources / Resource sharing: same product offerings -> use the group’s own logistics businesss -> reduced number of trucks and generate efficiency in supply chain. Cash flow and info system mgmt. Economic of scale: Food can be prepared in fresh food center, bulk purchase Save storage space and recurring expense. infrastructure support reduces cost of relocation and improve responsiveness. 2. competitive and financial advantage of offering services in addition to food and goods? Service: reserve tickets for travel, book tickets for movie and operas; pay bills, license fees, tax etc. download document and print; delivery and pick up; telecom; i-Cash in IC cards, Seating Areas for senior and children; taxi service for handicapped persons… service differentiation that provide extra value to customers, and thereafter increase per-unit store revenues and market shares Competitive advantage: coordinate the skills and capacity of the group, which is a conglomerate;generate synergies by resource...
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