7 Elements of Extended Marketing Mix

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For the assignment author was asked to explain the 7 elements of the extended marketing mix and illustrate how the mix would be tailored to suit the needs of two customer groups, within a Hospitality and Tourism organisation of the choice. The organisation author choose to help demonstrate how extended marketing mix is used in real work environment is Hilton Belfast Hotel in Northern Ireland. Author will explain extended marketing mix definition and 7 elements of it.

Extended Marketing Mix
Marketing decisions generally fall in to the following four categories: * Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion
The term ‘marketing mix’ became popular after Neil H. Borden published his 1964 article, The Concept of the Marketing Mix. Borden began using the term in his teaching in the late 1940’s after James Culliton had described the marketing manager as a ‘marketing mix’. As a market changes a lot there is a need to consider of the elements marketing mix from different perspective. In addition to the conventional ’four Ps ‘product, price, place, and promotion it is suggested to add people, physical evidence, and process. The marketing mix insist firms with right everything (right product, right price, right promotion and right place), when deciding to introduce a product or service. Marketing mix is very important because the variables involved can be controlled by the firm to the target. That control gives some power to firm over what product and how to present, at what price, how much promotion to conduct, and witch location to present product or service.

Overview of Hilton Belfast Hotel

The organisation author choose to help demonstrate how extended marketing mix is used in real work environment is Hilton Belfast Hotel. Hilton Belfast Hotel is a hotel of the large Hilton Hotels Corporation. The original company was founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. The thirst hotel that carried his name was opened in Dallas in 1925. By the late 1940’s, Hilton owned a worldwide chain of premium hotels. In 1949 Conrad Hilton opened his thirst hotel outside of the USA in Puerto Rico. Hilton Belfast Hotel was built in 1998 and it is the one of the thirst developments after Peace Process started in 1992 along with conference and concert hall in Belfast. Hilton Belfast is Belfast City centre’s only five star hotel and is located in the Lagan side riverfront area. It is a luxurious hotel and it is thirst business meeting points. The Hilton Belfast hotel has 9 meeting rooms for 2-450, a business centre, 150 double rooms, 35 Twin En suites and 13 suites. There is a gym facility on premises.

The 7 elements of marketing mix within organisation

The author now will investigate how Hilton Belfast Hotel’s extended marketing mix is tailored to suit the needs of two customer groups such as: business travel and leisure guests.

Thirst element of the extended marketing mix is product.
For business travel guests Hilton Belfast hotel offer 9 meeting rooms for 2-450 board rooms. Most of them offer wireless internet access. Wired guest rooms, wireless meeting rooms, video conference is available. Hotel offers business centre, parking facility, laundry/valet service, private check in-check out. Leisure travel guests can enjoy of a big range of services provided by Hilton Belfast Hotel. It is a full service hotel providing a personalised service in relaxing settings. Hotel offers rooms that sleep two adults and at least one child. Hotel provides customers with free continental breakfast. Kids under 19 years stay free of charge in the suit with their parents and 2nd apartment for kids is discounted at 50 percent.

Place is second very important element of marketing mix.
Belfast is one of the Britain’s great industrial cities, and compares its self with Glasgow and Manchester. City experienced it’s faster’s rate of...

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