7 Basic Wrestling Skills

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7 Basic Wrestling Skills
Changing level
Back step
Back arch

Your ability to teach your wrestlers how to get into the proper positions will help them successfully execute a variety of wrestling maneuvers and score match points. Here are key points to focus on when teaching your wrestlers positioning: The knees should be flexed and never positioned farther in front of the body than the chest. The feet should be shoulder-width apart and under the center of gravity. The head should always be up.

The elbows should be flexed, and the hands should be in front of the hips with palms down. The hips should be low and flexed with the back straight.
The correct body position is essential to every wrestling move and must be maintained throughout the execution of each maneuver. A wrestler must also be able to control the specific positions of various parts of the body in order to achieve quick movements and maximize power. When a wrestler holds proper position, it enables him or her to be ready to attack. It also prepares him or her to defend an opponent’s attack. One way to practice positioning is to use the Wrestler’s Handshake game. In this game, pairs of wrestlers grab each other at the forearm, right arm to right arm or left arm to left arm. The object is for the wrestlers to use good forearm control with a good stance and motion to go behind an opponent.

After achieving good body positioning, wrestlers must be able to move around in all directions in a free and fluid manner. This means that the muscles of the arms and legs must be flexed or coiled in order for wrestlers to have explosive movement. Lateral and circular movements must be smooth and quick. Wrestlers must have good footwork using short, choppy steps or pivoting from a single base of support such as a single foot. Here are key points to focus on when teaching your wrestlers how to move efficiently: Keep the arms and legs flexed.

Use circling, spinning, and lateral movements.
Take short, quick, choppy steps.
Make smooth pivoting movements on a single base of support.
Your ability to teach your wrestlers how to develop quick and powerful motions will help them successfully execute a variety of wrestling maneuvers and avoid getting into trouble during matches. In order to be successful, your wrestlers need to move efficiently and effectively through space and in relation to their opponents. Proper motion enables wrestlers to develop speed, promoting effective attacks. Try the Bull Riding game. This game divides wrestlers into pairs. One wrestler must ride and stay on the back of the wrestler in the bottom position for 10 seconds. The goal of the bull riding game is to teach wrestlers the proper bottom position and movement.

Changing Levels
So far you’ve seen the importance of good positioning and motion. Changing levels is the next skill that must be mastered. Here are key points to focus on when teaching your wrestlers how to change levels: Keep the head up.

Do not bend at the waist, bend at the knees.
Raise or lower hips while maintaining proper positioning.
In changing levels, wrestlers lower or raise their hips to move their bodies in a vertical plane. It takes a lot of practice for wrestlers to keep the correct body positioning when changing levels. Knowing how to change levels properly helps a wrestler attack his or her opponent without breaking from a strong position. Try the Bone Fight game to practice changing levels. This game uses pairs of wrestlers holding one end of a towel between them. The object of this game is for the wrestlers to break each other’s grip on the towel.

In order to weaken their opponents’ stance and reduce their mobility, wrestlers must learn penetration skills. Here are key points to focus on when teaching your wrestlers penetration: Movement should be through the opponent’s hips.

Movement should be directed toward the opponent’s hips or...
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