6P project in Photosynthesis and respiration rules outline Biology I Bacch 2014

Topics: Cellular respiration, Metabolism, Photosynthesis Pages: 5 (1191 words) Published: January 21, 2015
How students will be grade on a class project?
Topics: Photosynthesis (chapter 7) and Cellular Respiration (chapter 8) Objectives: to explain and describe the metabolism of photosynthesis reactions and respiration reactions Specific objectives: (each one is a topic project)

to explain the overall reactions of photosynthesis and respiration as metabolic pathways and coupled reaction. to explain and describe photosynthesis light dependent reaction and photosystems I and II in the thylacoid to explain and describe photosynthesis light independent reaction and the Calvin cycle in the stroma. to explain and describe glycolis in the cytosol and anaerobic respiration or fermentation to form lactate or to form alcohol and carbon dioxide to explain and describe aerobic respiration in the matrix of mitochondria through formation of acetyl coenzyme A, krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation to explain and describe aerobic respiration in the matrix of mitochondria and the production of most ATP by ETC (electron transport chain) and chemiosmosis

GROUP WORK: small group work and class work
Each course will be divided into 6 small groups of X number of students with a minimum of three students and no maximum (that is your strategy). Each small group has to designate a leader. Each small group has to choose 1 topic project and develop a ¨poem¨, which is the lyrics, and a song. The song must be presented as a video song. This video song should be educational and teaching, so it is preferable to include singing and lyrics with images or animations explaining and describing each topic project. This video song should last not more than 6 minutes and not less than 3 minutes. Any other characteristic of the video is up to the risk of each small group and the course. The physical poem and the video song should be hands-in during the week 12-16 of January, in the first 2 days of that week for grading. These grades will be average with other 2 grades (further explained) and count for the sixth partial in individual classwork (Item 2) and group work (item 3).

The course (entire class) has to present 2 works that count as grade. One work is a Prezi presentation in which all the 6 topic projects are synthesized as a mental map diagram, without losing the objective of being educational and teaching. The information source is the Audesirk Book. This Prezi must be hands-in on the first 2 days of the week 12-16 of January for grading. This grade will be average with the poem and video song grades, as mentioned before. The other course work is/are the model (maqueta) or mini-models and/or lab experiment or mini-lab experiments that should explain, describe, and illustrate all the 6 topic projects. These model(s) and/or lab experiment(s) must be presented in the first 2 days of the week 12-16 of January for grading. This grade will be average with the poem and video song grades, as mentioned before.

A) There are 4 works (2 small group work and 2 course work) and 4 grades that will be input directly into item 2 (individual classwork) and item 3 (group work) for the sixth partial (January). The grade is individually computed, even though all works will be done in groups. B) If a small group work is done outstandingly, although the course did not win the first place in the project, I (the Biology teacher) will decide to add the grade of the small group, but individually, to item 5 (summative), too. C) On the week 12-16 of January, there will be (date and place not yet designated although it will eventually be) the presentation and contest of all five I Baccalaureate Biology Projects and the course with highest punctuation will win the project contest. The winner, all the students, will be granted 10 in item 1, item 2, item 4, and item 5, except item 3 (Evaluations) that will be a quiz taken during weeks 5-16 about photosynthesis and...
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