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The department of health state that we need a range of services to meet the needs of people suffering from dementia. Services need to work alongside the GP, someone should be allocated to be responsible for dementia care in hospitals and to make sure that someone suffering from dementia is given all the correct information and support, someone that can advise them on the services that they each could benefit from and provide the help that they require to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. The services that are provided need to be co-ordinated in order to work together and provide a good quality of service. We need to inform people of where they can go for help and what they can expect from those services, the correct services need to be provided as soon as it has been identified that they are required and all services should be available to all dementia sufferers where ever they are located. By diagnosing dementia early and giving information on the services that are provided, the correct support and treatment can be implemented and by raising awareness of dementia early diagnosis can be made and encouragement to seek help. Access to services that provide information, care, support and advice needs to be easy to access and local to their area. The 2012 Health and Social Care Act gave NICE ( National Institute of Clinical Excellence) the responsibility of developing guidance and quality standards for social care, by using existing guidance NICE provided the quality standards for supporting people who live with dementia. NICE give 10 statements within the quality standard to help assess, raise awareness, improve frameworks already in place, highlight resources and improve quality of service. Introduction

Quality statement 1: Discussing concerns about possible dementia Quality statement 2: Choice and control in decisions
Quality statement 3: Reviewing needs and preferences
Quality statement 4: Leisure activities of interest and choice Quality statement 5: Maintaining and developing relationships Quality statement 6: Physical and mental health and wellbeing Quality statement 7: Design and adaptation of housing

Quality statement 8: Planning and evaluating services
Quality statement 9: Independent advocacy
Quality statement 10: Involvement and contribution to the community

The NICE quality standards are provided for the patient, the public, health and social care professionals, commissioners and service providers with the definition of high quality care. The quality standards cover the care provided by health and social carers that look after and support people suffering from dementia in hospital, in the community, in their own homes, in group settings and in residential or nursing care. The NICE guidelines state that following the diagnosis of Dementia, health and social care professionals should provide the person and their family with written information regarding, The signs and symptoms of Dementia,

The course and prognosis of the condition,
Local care and support services,
Support groups,
Sources of financial and legal advice and advocacy,
Medico-legal issues, including driving,
Local information including libraries and voluntary organisations,

The WHO (World Health Organisation) state that ongoing technical assistance is required to improve the function of the Mental Health system and services, the two main areas that are of importance are service development and resource development and training. Policy makers, health planners and service providers need to be provided with the opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills through training and workshops in a number of areas, Developing policies and plans;

Developing law;
Improving access to psychotropic drugs,
Developing mental health information systems,
Implementing quality improvement strategies,
Budgeting and financing for mental health,
Mental health monitoring and evaluation,
A Mental Health policy...
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