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Case Analysis:
MedNet.com Confronts
“Click-Through” Competition

Monique Priestley

Winter 2011: MCDM COM588 Digital Media Marketing & Branding

Rick McPherson/Brian Marr

Monique Priestley

Winter 2011: MCDM COM588 Digital Media Marketing & Branding

Table of Contents
Analysis & Strategy


Executive Summary


Situation Analysis


Strategic Alternatives


Proposed Strategy


Appendix A: Environmental Analysis - SWOT


Appendix B: Positioning Map


Appendix: References


Case Study: MedNet.com Confronts ”Click-Through” Competition


Monique Priestley

Winter 2011: MCDM COM588 Digital Media Marketing & Branding

Analysis & Strategy
Executive Summary
MedNet is an award-winning site that provides trusted, evidence-based, consumer information. It is currently facing new competition from several sites that offer an array of information on therapeutic treatments, alternative medicine, and specific aliments such as cholesterol. MedNet is using a cost-per-thousand-impressions advertising model, which is the best model to use in their case. In order to get more impressions and offer its advertisers more value, MedNet needs to increase traffic to its site. The site can do this by utilizing traditional media (e.g., print newspaper ads, print phone directory ads, print magazine ads) to drive traffic to the site. Using social media and other web tools (e.g., wikis, discussion boards, customizable profiles) MedNet can keep those visitors engaged and encouraged to return.

Situation Analysis
According to a Forrester Report by Monique Levy (2005), “Consumers’ demand for products that enable them to take more control of their health decisions and benefits will grow...although various factors (e.g., more access to health information, increased direct-to-consumer advertising) have driven consumers’ empowerment it has grown slowly.” Levy also reports that 52% of online consumers, “Would be interested in using the web to evaluate or manage at least one aspect of their healthcare in the future.” In a Forrester report from 2008, Levy found that, “Eight percent of online users said they are using the Internet more often because it is becoming more difficult to get the care they need from a doctor. Social websites such as PatientsLikeMe report that their communities are flourishing and providing users with unrivaled support and information.” In another report, Levy also found that 36% of online health connectors use the internet, “To see what other consumers say about a medication or treatment.” Levy found that, “When making drug-related decisions, online consumers are significantly more influenced by information from peers than from corporations.”

Environmental Analysis
MedNet is a award-winning website that is considered a trusted, evidence-based, source of the best consumer health information on the Internet. MedNet’s website is not only easy-to-navigate and accessibly written; its content is developed by, “24 trained journalists, doctors, designers, and administrators.” On top of that, MedNet also has input from the faculty of a prominent medical school, news agencies, [and] a photography service.” MedNet has a monthly audience of 4.3 million users that visit its site and utilize web banners of companies that can offer immediate solutions to health concerns. After an initial visit, MedNet’s visitors often return to research any following aliments. During site visits, those visitors usually end up covering many more areas of the site then are related to what they are searching for. MedNet’s visitors also tend to buy more products from advertisers when they finally decide to purchase. This includes asking their physicians for prescription medication when it isn’t available over-the-counter. Weaknesses

A portion of MedNet’s traffic is starting out by going through the search engine, Marvel. Although MedNet won’t be able to compete with Marvel’s...

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Snyder, J
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