6 Main Characteristics Of Communication

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6 Main Characteristics of Communications
Characteristics of communications are given below:
(1) Two or More Persons:
The first important characteristic of communication is that there must be a minimum number of two persons because no single individual can have an exchange of ideas with himself. A listener is necessary to receive one’s ideas. Therefore, there must be at least two persons-the sender of information and the receiver.

(2) Exchange of Ideas:
Communication cannot be thought of in the absence of exchange of ideas. In order to complete the process of communication there must be an exchange of ideas, orders, feelings, etc., among two or more than two persons.

(3) Mutual Understanding:
Mutual understanding means that the receiver should receive the information in the same spirit with which it is being given. In the process of communication, it is more important to understand the information rather than carry it out.

(4) Direct and Indirect Communication:
It is not necessary in communication that the receiver and giver of information should be face-to-face with each other. Communication can be both direct and indirect. Direct communication means face-to-face conversation, while indirect communication is through other means.

(5) Continuous Process:
Communication is an endless process, as is the case with business where the manager continuously assigns work to his subordinates, tries to know the progress of the work and gives directions.

(6) Use of Words as well as Symbols:
There can be many means of communication, like the written, the oral and symbolic. The examples of symbolic communication are the ringing of bell for closing a school or a college, saying something by the movement of the neck, showing anger or disapproval through eyes, giving some decision by the raising of a finger in cricket, etc.
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