6 Hooke s Law Worksheet

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Hooke’s Law Worksheet F = kx

1) What force is necessary to stretch a spring whose force constant is 120 N/m by an amount of 30 m?

2) A spring with a force constant of 600 N/m is used in a scale for weighing fish. What is the mass of a fish that stretches the spring 7.5 cm from its normal length?

3) A spring in a pogo stick is compressed 12 cm when a 40 kg boy stands on the stick. What is the force constant for the pogo stick spring?

4) The pygmy shrew has an average mass of 2 g. If 49 of these shrews are placed on a spring scale with a spring constant of 24 N/m, what is the spring’s displacement?

5) The largest meteorite of lunar origin has a mass of 19 g. If the meteorite is placed on a spring scale whose spring constant is 83 N/m, what is the compression of the spring?

6) Male Siberian Tigers average 389 kg. If a male house cat has a mass of 1.5 kg and stretches a spring scale by 1.2 mm, how far would an average sized Male Siberian Tiger stretch the same scale?
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