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6.02 LMS

By ashley765 Sep 23, 2013 617 Words
 6.2 Consumers Turn Right-Work File

Use the information found on the 6.2 Activity page to find the answers to the questions below.

Fill in the blank with the appropriate consumer right.
1. The right to saftey means consumers will be protected from products that are dangerous. 2. The right to choose means consumers have the right to make their own choices. 3. The right to be heard means consumers can speak out when they want to be heard and have a voice in making laws. 4. The right to be informed means consumers will be protected from false and misleading advertising.

Consumer Protection Acts Site 1

Match each Act with the proper explanation of the legislation. Place the correct letter in the blank next to the numbered definition.

A. Truth in Leasing Act
B. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
C. Fair Credit Billing Act
D. Truth in Lending Act
E. Fair Credit Reporting Act

D 5. Covers personal property leased by an individual for a period of more than 4 months for personal, family or household use.

A_ 6. Protects consumers in credit transactions by requiring clear disclosure of key terms and actual costs for the consumer in a lending arrangement.

B 7. Protects the buyer of any product that costs more than $25.00 and comes with an expressed warranty.

C 8. Protects the privacy and accuracy of information in a credit check.

E 9. Allows for corrections of mistakes that appear on consumer credit accounts. Lemon Law Site 2

1. Explain who the Lemon Law protects.
The lemon law protects car purchasers.
2. The Lemon Law covers the purchase of new cars/old trucks.

3. The Lemon Law says that the manufacturer is responsible for taking care of the defects.

4. Below are some specific guidelines/discussions that relate to the Lemon Law. Answer these questions after you have thoroughly read the course information about the Lemon Law. A. If a car cannot be repaired during the warranty period, is the defective car considered a lemon? Yes

B. How many chances does a manufacturer have to repair brake or steering problems? 3 to 4
C. For a car/truck to be considered a ‘lemon,’ how many days must a car be in the shop (within the warranty period) for repairs? 30 days

5. Using the specifications of the Lemon Law and the course resources write a letter of complaint for a car you want to return via the Lemon Law. Fill in the blanks (red text) in the sample format below. Write this letter carefully and use the completed letter for the required letter found in the 6.2 exam. Remember since you are going to invoke the Lemon Law, you will need to make reference to a new car and meet the Lemon Law guidelines to get a replacement new car. 9972 SW 158 LN

9972 SW 158 LN
Dunnellon, FL 34432
Founder Jeffrey P. Bezos
1516 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Dear Jeffrey P. Bezos,

On 08/20/13, I purchased a 2013 Camry model # 2546. I made this purchase at 1719 S.W. College Road Ocala, FL 34471, on 08/20/13, and the transaction went smoothly. Unfortunately, the car has not performed well because the brakes decide when and when not to work. I have had the car unsuccessfully repaired 3 times. Therefore to resolve this problem, I would appreciate if you would exchange the car. Enclosed are copies (keep the originals for yourself) of my records (receipts, canceled checks, warranties, contracts, model and serial numbers, and other actions already taken.) I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will wait 3 weeks before seeking third party assistance. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 352-854-1675(home) or 352-484-5679(cell).


Ashley Hickey

Consumer Advocacy

1. List three consumer advocacy organizations:

The Better Business Bureau

Occupational and professional licensing boards

State, county, and local consumer affairs offices

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