5th Business

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Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

PART II: I Am Born Again

Chapter Study Questions

1. Though he was in The Great War from 1915 to 1917, why didn’t Dunstan know much about it? 2. Why is Dunstan not proud of his “heroic act”?
3. Describe Dunstan’s miraculous revelation in chapter 2.
4. Describe Dunstan’s relationship with Diana.
5. What three milestones does Dunstan reach in chapter 5?
6. How does the story of Saint Dunstan resonate with Dunstan’s life? 7. In chapter 7, the cruelty and hatred of his own people disturb Dunstan deeply. Find three examples of cruelty in the chapter and those that precede it. 8. Who is Milo Papple and what does he represent for Dunstan?

Vocabulary/Meanings and Allusions

Use the internet to identify the meaning of these allusions and characters:

• to be born again
• one of Wellington’s men, perhaps Marlborough’s
• Revelation
• Charlie Chaplin
• Alfred the Great, Charles I, even King Arthur
• Oedipus
• Kaiser

Journal Writing

Answer one of the following prompts. Try to connect your responses to your reading of Fifth Business.

What place does mystery, magic and wonder have in our world? In a brief journal response, explore the tendency for humans to rationalize the world around them.

“I cannot remember a time when I did not take it as understood that everybody has at least two, if not twenty-two sides to him.” How many sides do you have? Are some of your sides in conflict, Dr. Jeckyl?
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