5DPP Guidelines

Topics: Project management, Project planning, Chief executive officer Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: May 17, 2015
CIPD Assessment Activity
Title of unit/s

Developing Professional Practice
Unit No/s


Credit value

Assessment method

Written report

Learning outcomes:

2. Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as a self-managing HR professional. 3. Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as a collaborative member of working groups and teams and as an added-value contributor to the organisation.

All activities should be completed
You are employed as an HR Advisor by an organisation which has just acquired a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has ambitious plans for the business. The new CEO has decided that certain employees, identified as future talent, should work with him on 6-month high-profile secondments, carrying out special projects to take the business forward. You have been chosen to lead one of these projects. The purpose of your project is to investigate the organisation’s recruitment and selection processes to improve their cost-effectiveness and the quality of people they bring into the company, and enhance the level of new recruits’ ‘engagement’ with the organisation. The new CEO wants to know how you will go about managing your project and has asked you to respond to the requests below. To impress the CEO you should refer to relevant models and theory within your response. 1. Given the purpose of the project and 6-month timeframe, devise a project plan, with objectives, activities, time-scales and deliverables, for your project. 2. Risk-assess your project for (at least two) potential areas where problems could arise and explain how you would identify and resolve these. 3. Identify a potential aspect of the project which may require creative thinking and explain how you would encourage this in your team. 4. Explain the steps you would take, as project leader, to help your team work together effectively and how you would resolve any inter-personal conflicts. 5. Give at least two examples of how...
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