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Topics to be covered
 Introduction.
 Construction.
 Parts of Aqua silencer.
 Working principle.
 Effects of dissolved gases on water.
 Methods to control water pollution.
 Lime water wash method.
 Limitations of lime water wash method.
 Absorption process.
 Advantages of absorption process.
 Conclusion.
 References.

 Air pollution is major problem.
 The main pollutants contribute by automobiles are

(CO), UBHC, (Nox) and Lead etc.,
 Other sources such as electric power generating
stations, industrial and domestic fuel consumption ,
refuse burning, industrial processing.
 So it is imperative that serious attempts should be
made to conserve earth’s environment from
 An aqua silencer is an attempt in this direction, it is
mainly dealing with control of emission and noise.
 An aqua silencer is fitted to the exhaust pipe of engine.

Aqua silencer
 Basically an aqua silencer consists of a

perforated tube which is installed at the end of
the exhaust pipe.
 The perforated tube -different diameters.
purpose of providing different diameter hole is to
break up gas mass to form smaller gas bubbles.
 Generally 4 sets of holes are drilled on the
perforated tube. The other end of the perforated
tube is closed by plug.
 Around the circumference of the perforated tube
a layer of activated charcoal is provided and
further a metallic mesh covers it.

The whole unit is then placed in a water

A small opening is at the top of the
container to remove the exhaust gases & a
drain plug is provided at the bottom of the
container for periodically cleaning of
Also a filler plug is mounted at the top of the
container. At the inlet of the exhaust pipe a
non-return valve is provided which prevents
the back flow of gases and water as well.

Parts of Aqua Silencer

1. Mountings
2. Filler Plug
3. Charcoal Layer
4. Perforated Tube
5. Wire Mesh
6. Drain Plug

Working principle
 As the exhaust gases enter into the Aqua

silencer, the perforated tube converts high
mass bubbles in lo low mass bubbles after that
they passes through charcoal layer which again
purify the gases.
 It is highly porous and posses extra free
valences so it has high absorption capacity.
 After passing over the charcoal layer some of
the gases may dissolved in to the water and
finally the. exhaust gases escape through the
opening in to the atmosphere.
 Hence aqua silencer reduces noise and pollution.

Effects of Dissolved gases on
The water is a good absorbing
medium. In aqua silencer the gases
are made to be dissolved in water.
When these gases dissolved in water
they form acids, carbonates,
bicarbonates etc.,
Action of dissolved SO2
Action of dissolved CO2
Effect of dissolved NOx


Lime water wash

 Absorption process.

Lime water wash method
The water is treated with the calculated

quantities of slaked lime.After mixing the
heavy precipitates settle down as sludge at the
bottom of the tank are removed from time to
Lime can neutralize any acid present in the
water. SO2 , gases are removed from the flue
gases forming calcium sulphate.
The precipitates dissolved carbon dioxide as
calcium carbonate and converts bicarbonate
ions into carbonates..

The equations are given
Ca(OH)2 + SO2. .. .. .. . CaSO3 + H2o
Neutralizes any acid present in water
2HCL + Ca(OH)2..........Cacl2 + 2H2
H2SO4 + Ca (OH)2........... CaSo4 + 2H20
Precipitates bicarbonate as calcium carbonate
CO2 + Ca(OH)2........CaCO3+2H2O
Precipitates bicarbonate as calcium carbonate
Ca(HCO3)2 + 2Ca (OH)2......... 2CaCO3 + 2H20
Converts bicarbonate ions (Like NaHCO3, KHCO3 etc.) into carbonates. NaHCO3 + Ca(OH)2............ CaCO3 + H20 + Na2 CO3

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