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Final Exam
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Here is some information about your Final Exam: * The exam covers the entire Managing Organization Change book, multiple articles throughout the term which were referenced in all lectures, all lectures, the Cracking the Code of Change article specifically (Beer and Nohria, Harvard Business Review). Although the exam is comprehensive, the essay questions will lean heavily over the latter few weeks of class. The multiple-choice questions will be over all TCOs. * All TCOs are covered. * There will be 12 MC questions worth 7 points each with the last one worth 8 points. There will be 5 essay questions worth 35 points each for a total of 260 points. * You have 3.5 hours to take the exam. Plan to spend no more than 30 minutes for the MC questions, 30 minutes for each essay question, leaving you with 30 minutes to review your answers. * Reminder to SAVE frequently because when the time limit is reached, you will automatically be exited from the exam. * There are 2 pages to the exam. These do not need to be completed in order. * If you run into technical difficulty during the exam, and get logged out, immediately try to log back into the exam. If you can’t, contact the Help Desk immediately at 800-594-2402, get a ticket, and call or send it to your instructor so that he or she can help you. If possible, do not wait until the “last minute” to take the exam. Use a broadband connection and have a quiet environment where you will not be interrupted. Note: Students have a responsibility to maintain the academic integrity of DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management, and to meet the highest standards of academic conduct as stated in the Student Handbook. Any student found in violation of these expectations is subject to the sanctions as stated in the Academic Integrity Policy.By selecting the "begin the quiz/exam" button, I verify: * I am the only person taking the quiz/exam and no one is helping me (physically or electronically); * I will not copy the exam in part or whole by any means; * I will refrain from discussing this exam with anyone other than my professor or a designated DeVry University representative and; * I will adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy standards outlined in the Student Handbook.| Week 8 : Final Exam - Final Exam

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1. (TCO All) For the next set of questions , you will first select ONE of the TCOs of the course. Then, you will be asked to write an essay about the project you worked on this term over your two companies’ change program based on the TCO you selected above. Select the TCO your essay question will cover:

TCO A - Given that progressive and successful companies require their employees to embrace change, examine how changing work conditions impact the employees. TCO B - Given the inherent reality that all organizations must experience change in order to improve, demonstrate how “models” are used in Change Management, for diagnosing an organization’s need for change. TCO C - Given external, internal and/or multi-levels of organization factors that drive change, assess and create a leadership model which supports and promotes each type of change within the organization. TCO D - Given that an organization’s mission and vision will determine its strategy towards change, ensure that an organization’s change initiative is aligned with and capitalizes on its culture and mission in preparation for change. TCO E - Given a selected Change Management implementation “model”, determine the causes of change and develop a plan of action to implement the change. TCO F - Given that both organizations and...
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