56 Up

Topics: Marriage, Family, 2002 albums Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Ashley J Roulette Peltier
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​The 56-UP begins out as the 7-UP documentary and shows the progression of young child times out in the life span every seven years up until they turned 56 years of age. I enjoyed the documentaries and being able to see the life altering changes they produced over the years. Including the struggles they faced throughout their lives. I also liked being able to see the final outcome of the individuals. ​Out of the individuals the three that stood out to me the most are has follows Tony, Jackie, and Neil. Although these three individuals all lead a totally different life somewhere along the road they faced similar challenges with life.

​In Tony’s life he grew up with little money at seven years old he was in a public school. At the time he believed it was important to fight to survive. His ideal bedtime was around 10pm to 11pm. Tony’s life had so structure at the time, however he was taught to be gentle when it came to woman. Tony moved to the east end of London and became an aprentist. At 15 years old Tony left school and became a junkie. ​By 28 years old Tony owned his own taxi service. He also at the time wasn’t interested in woman but soon found himself in a relationship. Near the ending of being 28 years old Tony welcomed the arrival of his first child. When Tony turned 35 years old problems arose with their marriage. As the years went by Tony and his wife was still trying to figure out their marriage at this time Tony was 42 years of age. ​During this time Tony and his family had left the east side of London to work for domestics. By the time Tony turned 49 year old he has taken out a second mortgage on to buy a house in Spain a form of retreat. At this time their marriage seems to be doing better but they still have little bickering. Tony still has the cabbie company in London and him and his wife both drive cabbies in Spain. ​Tony took up acting lesson when he was 28 years old...
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