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Fahrenheit 451 Essay
When you read a book do you visualize the movie in your head? When books are turned into movies most the time the author’s message is ruined, and the integrity of the novel. When someone writes a novel they write it from their point of view, their vision, it’s their story. But when a director hears, or reads the book they see it differently and from their point of view. Novels become a different novel when turned into a Hollywood movie because no one visualizes the same characters, settings or themes. The characters in the novel and movies Fahrenheit 451 are different in multiple ways from their attitudes, names or the characters from the book aren’t even in the movie. Mildred Guy Montag’s wife in the novel was not the same person in the movie, in the movie her name was Linda. Linda’s attitude was the same but changing the name of a character is pointless. In the book Linda and Clarisse are not the same in anyway, in the movie they are similar even down to the actor who plays their parts. But the women are still dramatically different in their belief systems. Throughout the movie Montag is searching to the similarities between the two women. Clarisse die in the novel and in the movie live and is his teacher in away. She became Faber who was a character in the novel but, was left out of the movie. The director left out a main character that’s a sign that the author’s message will be ruined. In the movie Clarisse guides Montag to the Harvard Hobos or as the movie called them the book people, in the novel Faber told Montag about the book people. In the novel at the end there are no women learning the books and becoming the books. This difference could be that there is a 14 years difference between the year the novel was written and the making for the movie. The setting is mostly the same in the movie but, the parlor wall was not the same it was a plastic flat screen. In the novel the parlor wall was a huge TV that was the wall it took up...
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