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Digital Marketing plan for Bagel Nash Ltd
In the current age of advanced technology and media, where customers have access to broad marketing information any time, it is not easy for a business organization to grow and develop efficiently without implementing sound marketing strategies. Such strategies should mainly include digital marketing because of the broad use of computers and adoption of internet and other associate devices. With insignificant investment on web based marketing and creation of website, a large population of customers and new markets may be highly attracted by such marketing technique. The present paper major in providing a digital marketing plan for Bagel Nash Limited. The hospitality industry, is normally fast changing and dynamic sector. It constitutes to the leading sectors in the global economy, considering its turnover and transactions. As a result, hotel sector is highly sophisticated and competitive industry. As Bagel Nash has greatly grown and operating in many nations in the globe, it is now a must for Bagel Nash Ltd to adopt a digital marketing strategy to enable the company stay ahead of its competitors. Adoption of digital marketing strategy will also enable the company to attract and retain a large population of customers, market share, and maximize its profits in the today’s competitive environment whose customers have enough information regarding the market (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2012, p. 15). Digital marketing is one of the current fast cheap and growing solutions that enable companies to attract maximum customers under no boundaries. If Bagel Nash adopts a digital marketing strategy, the company will find it easy to send messages to its potential customers, and as a result, this strategy will end up attracting many new customers (Ryan & Jones 2012, p. 56). The economy of the today’s world is actually demanding every business owner to look for the best marketing deals he or she can find. Usually, one can only find these deals on the internet. Digital marketing helps companies to maximize their exposure to consumers who are highly looking for the products and services of the companies. This aspect makes digital marketing more operative than any other form of advertising. Increasing the exposure of the company through adoption of digital marketing is highly portrayed by big firms especially McDonald’s (Parkin 2009, p. 67). Digital marketing will have numerous benefits for both Bagel Nash Ltd and its customers. However, on the other hand, adoption of digital marketing strategy has some drawbacks, which arose from the use of technology and internet marketing as well as its popularity of the target market. When using digital marketing Bagel Nash will not cut back its marketing budget in the current economy. Instead, this fast food organization will only focus on using its marketing budget efficiently by investing in digital marketing campaigns (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2012, p. 25). Actually, this is the appropriate time for Bagel Nash Corporation to review its marketing plans and bring digital marketing into its focus due to the rising costs of marketing using traditional Medias such as Magazines, which do not give the company a guarantee that it is actually targeting its potential customers. Situation analysis

There are very view business organizations that operate without marketing in the current era of information communication and technology. If fortunately, a certain business is efficiently growing, this does not entail that the organization has captured all the entire market leaving no more growth opportunities. If an organization is already progressing, such an organization can perform much better by adopting a digital marketing strategy, thus enabling it to increase its market share (Chaffey 2000, p. 157). If an individual has a...

Bibliography: Chaffey, D, & Ellis-Chadwick, F, 2012, Digital marketing: Strategy, implementation and practice, Harlow [etc.: Pearson.
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