501 use and development systems that promote communication

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Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role. Directors
It is the responsibility of all directors to inform their managers of all companies’ policies and procedures on order for the business to run according to how they want it to be run. It is also essential for directors to have good communication with their managers so that corrects methods of work procedures are put into effect. Good communication practice between the directors and their managers will ensure that the company is run smoothly and that the managers can then ensure that their line staff can work accordingly. Managers

It is essential that managers communicate all essential information correctly to their line staff so that they can follow correct working procedures for the business to run effectively. It is the responsibility of the managers to communicate all information that their line staff require to ensure that all their tasks under their job requirements can be adhered to and to ensure that they have all resources to complete their jobs to a good and expected standard. It is also essential for managers to communicate with their directors if there any issues which can only be resolved by the directors or any pieces of information that they require for them to carry out their job correctly. Care co-ordinators

It is essential that care co-ordinators follow their job role, listen to instructions and use the resources that have been provided to them by their directors and managers so that they can carry out their job roles effectively. It is then responsibility for the care co-ordinators to communicate all essential information to their line of staff which are senior carers and carers. In order for senior carers and carers to carry out their jobs to the expected standard it is essential for care co-ordinators to provide them with all the information they require to do this. It is also essential that the care Co-ordinator communicate effectively with their managers if there is anything that they are unsure Of or anything that goes beyond their control.Senior carers

It is essential that all information that senior carers receive from their care co-ordinators are then passed on effectively to the carers so that they can put it into practice and it is essential that the information that the senior carers pass onto the carers are accurate in order for correct care procedures to be adhered to and good quality care to be given. It is also essential for the senior carers to communicate with their care co-ordinators and managers if there is any information that they require or of any issues that may concern them and only they are able to handle. Carers

It is essential that the carers communicate properly with the senior carers and care co-ordinators especially with any issues regarding the services users in order for the issues to be looked and resolved immediately as that is the core purpose of the business. Effective communication between the carers and the care co-ordinators is most essential as the whole hierarchy of communication is to ensure that all correct and required information is given to the carers so that they can carry out their jobs to the expected standard. As a care coordinator it is essential for me to communicate all information effectively so that relevant and imported information is transferred across to the relevant people. There are many methods of communication that I use to communicate effectively with the relevant people. Contact with brokers who provide care packages through a brokerage system, contact with these brokers are only through email unless a broker has given you a direct number to contact them. Contact with social workers is direct through phone calls and emails so are they are available usually through normal working hours. Contact with line managers is available at all times as they work in the office, communication with them is through conversation and meetings. Contact with managers is...
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