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Topics: Video game console, PlayStation 3, Wii Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: June 27, 2011
The world we live in today is portrayed and reflected in many ways. Whether it is in movie, television video game, and more, they have effect on the culture. Many movies and television shows portray our culture in the wrong light. Some movies and television shows tend to get it right ever now and then but they don’t all the time. In some movies and television shows, today’s culture is reflected as if you have to live certain ways to survive or having to live certain lifestyles, when it not even close to it. Movies and television tend to fabricate the truth a little for entertainment purposes. They do this because the audience doesn’t want to see anything that they see day to day. If it was that way, people wouldn’t watch movies or television, all they would have to do is look out their front door or even so right behind them. As stated earlier, there is a relationship between movies, television, and culture. Movies and television tend to play off of what is going on in the society or at least a recent event. It not this, they tend to cater toward that society is interested in. Entertainment is the main key for movies and television but in some special case. Other than the news and other cases, our culture today needs to be entertained. Not only do movies and television affect culture, electronic gaming also has a hold on our culture and society. From something that started out small, it has made a big impact on society. It has changed way people now live their lives. Instead of kids saving up their money to get a bike or basketball, they are now saving up to get a video game. It has made a big different on obesity in the United State because the number of hours people sit in the front of their television. I feel as if it changed and made our culture lazy, which is something that we actually don’t need. Even though I think they changed society for the worse, they have released so important and influential in the past couple of years. They I...
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