50 Shades of Grey Review

Topics: Sexual arousal, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: November 26, 2012
This book’s main characters consisted of Anastasia Steele, an independent, driven college student, who speaks is telling the story, and Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings and Co, and is portrayed throughout this book in a sense as if he is every girl’s dream guy. Anastasia is forced to interview Christian Grey for her roommate, Kat, because she had fallen ill. When Mr. Grey meets Anastasia, he is intrigued with her. He then starts to make appearances at her work to buy different items, which come to find out is used sexually for binding and arousal. She is skeptical when he shows up to her hardware store because of his status and wealth. He asks her out for coffee but only for him to draw away from her afterwards. She “kicks herself” for thinking he would want anything to do with her but he in reality, he withdraws for other reasons than what she had assumed. He sends her a number of really expensive, old school books that she had said she liked but didn’t feel comfortable keeping them because of how pricey they were. Christian comes over to her apartment and discusses the “contract” to her, which basically states that she will be his sex slave but will not do physical harm to the point of injury, but she lets him know that she is a virgin. Christian eventually ends up taking Anastasia’s virginity, but she still says she needs time to think about the contract, and whether or not she is going to sign it. She is open-minded and willing to trying new things, but more importantly, trying to be a part of his world. Due to the fact that she was inexperienced and unfamiliar with what people are sexually involved with, the crazy things she sees as a curse, she is open to try. He doesn’t want to show her “his world” all the way because he feels something different for her. She is not just like any of his other submissive partners, but when she asks for it, she experiences something she can’t bare, and then leaves him. Due to this being the first...
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