50 Cent Curtis Jackson Critical Essay

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November 6, 2009
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50 Cent “Many Men”
Curtis James Jackson, known worldwide as 50 Cent, is one of the most successful rappers of his time. He has produced many hits as a singer, and one of his greatest hits is Many Men. The song was produced in 2003 in the album, Get Rich or Die Tryin. 50 Cent wrote Many Men after he was caught in a shooting where he was shot nine times from his hand, legs, and his chest. He miraculously survived the shooting. Once recovered from the shooting was when 50 Cent decided to write one of the greatest hits of all time that he has ever produced. The song shows a lot of emotion since it was about the shooting that almost took his life away. He talks about how a lot of people wish death against him when he’s trying to accomplish and succeed in life as a rapper.

The reason why 50 Cent wrote this song was to express himself how he felt about the fact that people wanted him dead and actually tried to take his life away. The song starts off by saying, “Many men, wish death upon me blood in my eye dawg and I can’t see I’m trying to be what I’m destined to be And niggaz trying to take my life away” (Jackson). This quote explains the distress in 50 Cent’s voice by saying these lyrics. This quote means a lot, 50 Cent lets us know that many people wish he was dead, he also reflects to the night of the shooting with the blood in his eye, and how he’s trying to become a rapper and succeed and become famous while people are trying to take his life away. Those couple of lines shows a lot of where 50 Cent comes from. As a young boy he had a very hard lifestyle, dealing drugs and robberies were part of his daily routine as he would make a living. Working on music really helped straighten him up as he focused on becoming a name in the rap industry and getting away from the drug business. There were a lot of people that had hate on 50 Cent, which led to the shooting...

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