5 year career plan

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Freshman Year
During my freshman year I will be focusing on general courses that are required for Public Health. Also I will be trying to gain community service hours, at least 15 per semester. During this year my biggest challenge would be getting through my Biology class. Since biology is not my strongest subject, I have signed up for tutoring two days out the week, Monday and Thursday.

Sophomore Year
During my sophomore year, I’m still in my general classes. Hopefully by this year, I will be adjusted to college life. During this year, I will be more involved and take on leadership roles because of one of my classes that I am required to take. By the end of this year I will have completed all my general classes needed to enter into my major. At the end of my sophomore year, I plan on meeting all the requirements to enter the Public Health field.

Junior Year
During my junior year, I will begin taking classes focusing on my major. My junior year is when I can somewhat experience what it is like to be in the Public Health field. During this year I will be introduced to specific health concerns.

Senior Year
My senior year would be easy for me. During this year, I only have to take a few classes for the first semester, but during my second semester I am required to complete an internship. I shouldn’t have any challenges during my senior year. At the end of this year, I would have completed all the requirements to obtain my bachelors degree in Public Health.

After Graduation
After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school to obtain a masters degree for nursing. I need a degree for nursing in order for me to become a Public Health Nurse.
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