5 Things That I Cannot Live Without

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5 things that you can not live without
The five things I can not live without are friend, food, money, my smart phone, my computer, and modes of transport
The first thing is friend because if I am bored, I can find my fiends to play with, and accompany with me. If I have difficulties, I can find my friends to help.

And food is the second thing that I can not live without, and that would not just be to me. If we have no food we will be dead , because all living things must eat, so food is very important to me., I can eat at home, and at the restaurant. I believe that everyone can’t be lack of food.

Also money is important that I cannot live without because in this world, if no money, a lot of things cannot happen, such as buying food, buying house, spending on entertainment ... So for me, money is something that I can’t not live without. I hope to be able to get it in the future work.

The forth thing that I cannot live without are my smart phone and computer. I use them to communicate with my friends, and use them for entertainment. For example, I use them for e-mail, computer games, msn and facebook
If I don’t have them, my life will be very depressed

Last thing is vechicles. I don’t like walking, and the car is a good invention. I can quickly go from one place to another place. If there is no car, I have to walk a long time, and then I waste a lot of

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