5 Steps to Positive Thinking

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5 steps to positive thinking essay

Tony Robins
pioneered a guide to change your life. This guide is called the five steps to positive thinking. These five steps can be used to give you a different outlook on life. Each step is meant to gradually build on the next. Only after the first step will you feel confident in your ability to think positively.

In order to achieve the ability to think positivley you must begin at the begining. Step 1; this step is all about devloping the habit of focusing on what is right in your life instead of what is wrong, what you do have instead of what you do not. Habits like these form who you are and what you will accomplish in life. if you decide that you do want to become a better person then you could attempt the seven day mental diet, the mental diet consists of having no negative thought's and if you do happen to get one then you must erase it , do not hold on to it , think only positive thoughts for seven days. If a negative challenge comes around solve it in a positive way, think yes this is negative but how can I make it positive dont solve it in a negative way don't lash out at others, don't judge people for your problem.

Step 2, Do not be judgemental, be curious, about yourself and about others. If you are judging other people then you are probably judging yourself. If people around you seem mean or cocky ask them questions and be curious, ask questions about how you could help them and you might help yourself. As Tony robins said: "we must admire our hero's not find their faults." Apprecieate and respect others, apprecieate and respect yourself.

Step 3, Find something to apprecieate in everyone especially the pepole you are not fond of. Give compliments until it is as natural as breathing. In the good or bad situations be happy with what is working for you but apprecieate the things that are not. Let things that are not working lead you to a change...
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