5 Social Evils

Topics: Health care, Unemployment, Medicine Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: January 9, 2011
The existence of want or poverty was the main reason for Beveridge’s initial investigating. Legislative measures to tackle problem:
Family allowances act 1945 (introduced an allowance for all children under 16, except for the first born child.) •National insurance act 1946 (introduced a new insurance scheme that would provide those who contributed to it with a range of benefits including amongst others unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, maternity benefit, retirement benefit and widow’s benefit. •National assistance act 1948 (introduced provisions for people who were not covered (because they couldn’t or didn’t contribute) by the benefits related to national insurance. The act provided grants of money and /or accommodation for people in urgent need or in need of care and attention. Aneurin bevan, the minister of health, introduced this clause to the house of commons by saying “the workhouse is to go.” The details of these acts of parliament have been updated many times since they were first enacted. They established a range of state provided benefits and social welfare services that lasted for many years and in some cases are still available today. Disease

The national health service act 1946 was the key piece of legislation that set out the principles on which a national, comprehensive and free health service would be established. The nhs came into being on 5 july 1948. Before the arrival of the NHS healthcare services were provided through uncoordinated and fragmented private, voluntary and local authority organisations and individual practitioners. The outbreak of the 2nd world way was seen as a key factor in forcing the government to intervene for the first time and exercise some control over Britain’s health care providers. The emergency medical service was organised, to provide a coordinated and state controlled hospital bed service, a national blood transfusion service and an ambulance service for the country. Blackmore (1998) argues...
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