5 Reasons For Listening to Music

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5 Reasons I Listen
To Music

Music is everything to me. I listen to it for a number of reasons. I like to express myself through music, learn about different situations, to relieve stress, to relax and study. Music plays a big role in what I do every day.

Expressing myself through music is what I enjoy doing the most. It is my favorite hobby. The way I express myself when I listen to music is by dancing along with it when I feel happy and excited, and smooth music when I just want to be calm and just listen to it. I think dancing along with music also shows how an individual feels or what they feel about the song. It is important to show expression through music because it is a strategy to let things out.

Learning about different life situations is also a reason I listen to music. Even though certain songs can create a negative impact on some people’s lives, it also gives you a vision of how that negative life would be like if you were to live it. Also it teaches you life lessons. Most songs that I listen to I hear the artists telling life lessons through their music and what they go through. For instance, Mary J. Blige is an artist who tells her stories to young women. She sings out to them and let them know how hard her life was on living her life growing up and doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes she did or go what she went through while she was growing up. That is a good reason why I listen to music.

The third reason is to relieve my stress. Listening to music is basically the only thing I would do to relieve my stress. If I am sad, I tend to listen to sad songs or smooth jazz because it makes me feel better. The sad songs makes me feel like they’re understanding what I am going through and they are reaching out. When I am mad I listen to fast-paced songs because rather than taking my anger out I listen to those songs. Music is the best stress reliever for me.

Relaxing is also a good reason I listen to music. When I am just lounging...
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