5 Random Acts of Kindness

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5 Random Acts of Kindness
1. On a Friday afternoon, I helped my mom wash the laundry. While she was cooking food for dinner, I washed the clothe without her noticing. After an hour, every clothe was clean and folded. The look on her face said it all, she was surprised and happy. The way I felt that day was great and supportive.

2. The next morning, after everybody finish eating dinner I washed the dishes. It was around 6:30 A.M in the morning when everybody was sleeping. It was luck that nobody woke up. After washing the dishes, I went to take a shower. I walked out of the bathroom to find my mom smiling happily. I felt stupendous that I help my mom that morning.

3. This one time, I was going to buy some food to the store and I found a homeless guy on the street. While I passed by him he was sleeping. After I finish buying food heading back home, I decided to give the poor man food. I took that decision because if I leave him money , he’ll get the temptation to buy cigarettes’ or alcohol to get rid of his pain. I hope at least food made him feel a little bit happy.

4. Very long time ago, I found a very large amount of cash lying under the bed. At first, I didn’t know who’s money it was until later. I got curious so I counted the money, I counted about six hundred dollars. I kept it in my pocket because I thought it was a better place to secure the money. After fours, my parents desperately were trying to find the amount of money. I would of stayed with the money, but I decided to give the money back.

5. Last, one school day, I arrived home from school and from my window I saw an old lady selling candy in the street alone in a wheel chair. I desperately searched money around my house to help the lady. I bought five dollars of candy from her even though I don’t eat a lot of candy. From that day on, I felt shame inside of me to realize other people have worse problems than me. I felt happy that day for helping the old lady and at the same...
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