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Topics: Psychology, Cognition, Knowledge Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 25, 2013

From the module in Metacognition I learned that…….

Metacognition defines as “Thinking beyond Thinking” or “Knowing about one’s Knowing”.

From this quotation or in the definition itself, we can say that it implies to go into a depth understanding of what we know or discover. It is an appreciation of what one already knows together with a correct comprehension of the learning that it focuses more on how we apply a specific technique or varied strategies to a particular situation with efficiency and reliability. It emphasizes the role of executive processes in the overseeing and regulation of cognitive processes.

Withal to that, I learned also that it have 3 variables which needs to put on upon studying. These are: First, knowledge of person variables, which pertains to general knowledge about how human beings learn and process information, as well as individual knowledge of one’s own learning processes. Second, knowledge of task variables, which refers to the nature of the task as well as the type of processing demands and effort to do a certain task or knowing what needs to be accomplished. And the last is the knowledge for strategy variables appertaining to the awareness of the strategy to use for effective learning including also the conditional knowledge about when and where it is appropriate to use such strategies.

All in all, metacognition can be defined as a very complex phenomenon because it controls all sort of cognitive processes like perception, action, memory, reasoning or emoting. Moreover, it is self-centered because we tend to evaluate and develop ourselves to be more efficient and effective learners.
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