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Topics: Robbery, Bank robbery, Theft Pages: 12 (361 words) Published: March 20, 2015
Specific Purpose:
I will inform you today on how a
driver of a get away car in a bank
robbery should not be charged
with a second degree felony
murder, but they shall be charged
with accomplice to the robbery.

Central Idea:
All U.S. citizens should
be aware of the factors
of a second degree
felony murder.

I. Bank robberies 4,495.
38,331,491.85 (FBI, 2011)
II. Within that it doesn’t tell you how
many were killed.
III. Up to you what you believe, but
take these point into consideration.
IV. As an active citizen you need to
be aware of your surroundings. For
the simple fact that if you were put
into the situation or knew someone
who was. You would want them to be
given all the justice they deserve for
the act they committed.


I. What is second degree
felony murder and why is
it important for U.S.
citizens to know?

If you asked 50 people
what a second degree
felony murder was, odds
are they couldn't’t tell

A second degree felony
murder is described as
intentional killing that is
not premeditated. It is
performed in the heat of

The bank robbery was
planned. But the murder
was not; therefore the
accomplice should not be
charged with murder.
Although they shouldn't’t
be let off the hook
totally. An accessory to
the burglary. Not the

II. The driver seemingly
had no intent to kill,
he/she was merely the

When the robber and the
accomplice were
planning the robbery, did
they discuss the
possibility of a murder?
Seemingly the answer is

Did the accomplice even
know that shot were
Did he figure that out
after the gunman jumped
in the car and hastily
announced that he had
shot and killed someone
in the heat of the

An accomplice to a crime
should not be tried for a
murder he did not
commit, although he
should be tried and/or
sentenced for the

Closing Line:
In conclusion, the
accomplice should not
pay the price of a second
degree felony murder
when the intent was

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