5 Hour Energy Lab

Topics: Distillation, Causality, Caffeine Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Extracting and Isolating Caffeine From Energy Booster Drink

IV. Results:

Table One: Caffeine From Energy Booster Drink:
Table | Groups Name| mg Caffeine|
Front| 1. Morgan/Rachel| 7.80|
| 2. Kayla/Brittney| 38.40|
| 3. Rose/Brittney| 70.00|
| Total:| 116.2|
Middle| 1. Sam/Jill| 46.00|
| 2. Jen/Rachel| 52.30|
| 3. Laura/Marisa| 57.10|
| Total:| 155.4|
Back| 1. Huong/Mariel| 69.00|
| 2. Mary/Michelle| 10.10|
| 3. Danielle/Tara | 35.00|
| Total:| 114.1|
| Class average table mg caffeine amount:| 128.57|

The purpose of this experiment was to isolate caffeine from an energy booster drink using techniques of extraction and distillation. To do this we extracted the caffeine using 1-propanol and then distilled the extraction solvent (1-propanol). Next we extracted the caffeine from the solid residue (sodium chloride and crude caffeine) and determined the milligrams of crude caffeine per 50 mL of five-hour energy.

Our results for mg caffeine per 50 mL of the energy booster drink were 10.10 mg caffeine. By looking at our classmate’s results we can determine that our result for mg caffeine per 50 mL of energy booster drink is bad since it is much lower than most groups. For example, when looking at the group results from our table we can see that our result is 58.9 mg lower than Huong and Mariel’s result and 24.9 mg lower than Danielle and Tara’s result thus showing that our result is much lower. Also, although there was no label value of the caffeine amount in the energy booster drink we can compare our tables’ total mg caffeine per bottle of 114.1 to a previous trial that had a result of 195 mg caffeine per energy booster bottle in which we can again determine that our table result is low.

Throughout the experiment we had sources of error that caused our mg caffeine per 50 mL to be low. One source of error is that when we extracted the caffeine using 1-propanol we drained some of the...
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