5 Benefits of Facebook

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5 Great Benefits of Facebook Fan Pages for Local and Small Businesses

Small and Local businesses are discovering the advantages of having a Facebook fan page and are beginning to learn the secrets to attracting new customers and website visitors with simple tricks that are classified as affordable and easy. With some effort, your great plan or product can be become a fan favorite on Facebook! We often hear the old adage, It’s an amazingly small world when coincidences occur or common acquaintances are discovered. With the growing rise in popularity of Facebook, the entire world seems even smaller in recent times, simply because this popular social network connects people around the world, building a global community of shared connections and interests that knows no cultural boundary. Facebook allows users to connect not just with old friends, however with people all over the world who share their interests and passions on fan pages created for them. These fan pages are fundamental to Facebook’s popularity and incorporating one into your marketing plan might just be your ticket to success. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you  can create a Facebook fan page to advertise your product, interest or passion. Without any effort or expense by you, Facebook’s search feature will yield your fan page as being a search outcome and those who share your interest will soon find you. To help get more website visitors to your fan page without any cost, you can spread the concept about your latest page to all your current client database and Facebook connections. Considering that the average Facebook user has 130 friends, there exists nearly endless potential for attracting new individuals to your page simply by reaching over to those you already know and asking them to assist you in making connections. Naturally, you also will want to be sure to promote your fan page on your website, and vice versa. Proven Benefits of Facebook Fan Pages:

1.    Attract more traffic to your site through fan page links- People who find you on Facebook will probably be interested enough into your product or service to click on a link that will take them directly to your website. 2.    Effortless income potential- Through Facebook’s innovative advertising options, you can make an income by targeting certain demographics and like-minded potential customers for a very low cost. 3.    Easier search engine optimization- A Facebook fan page does more than heighten your exposure within a social network; a fan page raises the odds of your name being found quicker on search engines, like Google. 4.    Increased customer loyalty- Current customers who follow your Facebook fan page will develop an individual connection to your product or service, particularly if you are diligent about feedback and responses with their posts. Fan pages offer fans chances to post pictures, provide product reviews and with loyal fans to post feedback and comments that may possibly attract others and provide you with priceless insight into the wants and also needs of your projected audience. 5.    Get to know your customers- With Facebook’s detailed analytics, you will get entry to valuable specifics about people who follow your fan page, such as their gender, age and also place. Gaining a more rewarding knowledge of the demographics of your respective group of followers can help you more effectively reach particular people with targeted, customizable advertising. Facebook is fast becoming the most popular element that links people from around the world. As friends connect on Facebook, they naturally share information about products and services they normally use and love. That is where a Facebook fan page and its great potential for business owners enters into play. Increasing your global exposure with a fan page for your product or service provides a simple means for people to hook up with you and tell their friends about you. The...
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