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Topics: Old age, Sociology, Middle age Pages: 7 (1912 words) Published: January 24, 2015
1. Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree? CAM 6

In modern society, millions of companies produce billions of products and the role of advertising is quite obvious. Ads help consumers to find the goods or services of their needs. However, do our needs grow equally fast as the number of products? Some market analysts insist modern commercials are not merely matchmakers of a product and a consumer, but actively interfere with buyer’s desires, developing artificial needs. Undoubtedly, advertisement guides people through the market, serves those who do not have time to learn differences between goods. These products are probably the same, but loyalty to a particular brand, formed by a commercial helps make a choice. When a person buys one mobile phone out of 50 models, he thinks he made his choice himself. But that was a commercial who told him about the features of this phone. Nevertheless, ads not only inform us about new goods, but force people to want them. This can be even useful, for example for someone who suffers from back pains and without commercials he would never imagine there are new mattresses which could ease their pains.

Unfortunately, promoters now operate our minds more aggressively. Commercials no longer promote products, but lifestyles. They told us to purchase things just because they are fashionable or up to date with the image of successful person. And we buy new cars, gadgets and clothes in order to match this image and not because old ones are no longer usable.

Personally I think that high sales of popular commodities are the result of new promotional technologies. The best illustration of that is that everyone now is concerned mostly about how a new mobile phone will reflect his personality, a new shirt – his image, or will a new car make colleagues feel jealous.




2. Over the past 50 years, young people gain status and power but old people have lost. What is the cause and is it a good development or bad development? To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The knowledge-based society witnessed great changes over the past decades. Many young people have taken the place of the old ones and gained political and financial power in the world. Bill Gates, the director of Microsoft, Tony Blaire, Prime Minister of Britain and Bush, President of the USA give us vivid illustration. From my point of view, the trend is natural and inevitable.

Young people are energetic and vigorous. Most of them have received formal education in university, where they acquired abundant knowledge and experience, which are quite essential to their future career. Compared with young people, old people's knowledge is out-dated, which does not fit in with the development of the current society. Old people react more slowly than young people, who can always make quick judges and prompt decisions. Furthermore, young people are more open-minded than old people who have a tendency of conservation. Therefore, young people can adapt themselves to the changeable world more easily.

Obviously, this trend brings about both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, young leaders and powers can inject vigor and new hopes to the world, which not only benefits the development of global economy, but also establishes multi-lateral relation between the countries in the world. On the other hand, young people still lack adequate experience and skills to deal with sophisticated national problems and international relations. As a result, many young leaders in the world are often criticized for lack of tactics by old people. Some young people are very...
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