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5.08 Outline Planning Guide


Cenorship should be in books

Body Part 1
A.Present counter point A
B.Refute counter point A (MLA citation here)

C.Present counter point B
D.Refute counter point B (MLA citation here)

A. Cenorship can also hold back
a child from reading more advanced
B. They don't want their children
reading innappropriate books
C. There are some advanced books
that aren't innappropriate conent.
D. Parents may feel uncomfortale
talking to their children about
innappropriate content that they
read about or heard about

Body Part 2
A.Present point A
B.Support point A
(MLA citation here)

C.Present point B
D.Support point B
(MLA citation here)

A. Book should have cenorship
B. Certain ages shouldn't be reading
books above their reading level
because it may contain
innappropriate language or images
that can be disturbing to young
B.Like there is explicit or parental
advisory on music it should be the
same for books
C. If the parents are okay with their
child reading inappropriate books
that are above their reading level
they can do that at home because
other parents might not like their
child hearing or reading about
inapproriate situations.

Although having a child read a
higher grade level once they
sucessfully finish reading their
grade level is great for their
education thier should be cenorship
instead of just banning the books

Works Cited
V.Works Cited
Use easybib.com or one of the other sites listed in this unit to create citations for the sources you used to support your claim and refute your counterclaim. Here is a sample: "5.05 Works Cited." English I V12: 3642. Florida Virtual Schools, 03 Feb. 2013. Web. 08 May 2013....

Cited: " English I V12: 3642. Florida Virtual Schools, 03 Feb. 2013. Web. 08 May 2013.
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