5.05 Chromatography

Topics: Separation process, Pigment, Color Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: May 21, 2013
 Color Chromatography Lab
Background Information and Research
1.Paper chromatography is a way separate the components of a mixture.
2.It can be used for purification, separation of mixtures, and identify of components.

The purpose of this experiment is to take a look at what chromatography is really about. It helps us see what we don't normally see, such as all the hidden colors that show up in the different colors. Materials

Four different markers. I used Purple, Green, Red and Black. Rubbing alcohol
2 coffee filters
2 glasses or plastic cups
Table salt
Measuring cups/spoons
Clean pitcher


1. First I cut the coffee filter into 2 rectangular strips using a ruler to make it three cm by nine cm.

2. I drew a line with a pencil one cm from the end of one of the coffee filter strips.
 3. Along the like that I drew, I placed a dot of color, one for each of the colors I chose about 0.5 cm apart and each of he colors.
 4. I made a prediction of the colors that I think i'll see from the ink.

5. I prepared salt solution by mixing 1/8 tsp of salt and three cups of water in a pitcher. Stir or shake the solution until it is dissolved. This will produce a 1% salt solution.
6. I poured the solution into a tall glass so that the liquid goes to 1/4th from the bottom. 
 7. Next i taped the strip to a pencil and rested it on top of the jar so that the strip hangs inside the jar, making sure the solution doesn't make any contact with the color dots. 
 8. When the salt water reached 1/4" from the top edge of the paper, I removed it from the glass.

9. I placed it on the counter to dry.

10. Lastly I repeat steps 2-10 using the second strip of paper and a new glass, using the same four colors using the alcohol instead of the saltwater.

Data and Observations
I thought the black was going to travel the furthest.

Create an organized and labeled...
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