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Bar Soap: The classic red bar of Lifebuoy soap and its distinctive phenol smell has been synonymous with cleanliness. Body Wash: Lifebuoy Body Wash provides deep cleansing of pores, protecting against the three root causes of skin health problems – clogged pores, over-drying, and infection-causing germs. Lifebuoy ActiFresh variant which envelopes you in its fresh fragrance for up to 12 hours after a bath, protecting you from odor causing germs and helping you keep your active lifestyle intact. Hand Wash: Lifebuoy Hand Soaps offer hospital-strength germ protection, with a unique formulation that generates a rich lather. Lifebuoy Actifresh Hand Wash-Working in the kitchen, odor from food items tends to persist on your hands even hours after washing. Lifebuoy Actifresh Hand Wash provides proven protection for hands against harmful germs and persistent kitchen odors, keeping them germ-free and fragrant. Men’s Range: Lifebuoy Men's Body Washes are specially formulated to wash away excess oil and sweat, protecting against body odor and other problems caused by germs. Two variants provide the most important benefits to men's skin: Deodorizing - protection from sweat and stickiness, and

Hydrating - helping to moisturize skin.
Repositioning Campaign:
Lifebuoy has been successful in repositioning itself as a quality antibacterial soap having better fragrance. Many companies have tried this when they see market trend shifting but most fail to do so. Lifebuoy though has been successful.

Lifebuoy soap's classic hard red brick shape has been replaced with a new signature Lifebuoy shape. The new shape makes the bar easier to grip and use The Lifebuoy Brand team have developed a new formulation providing even better germ protection which creates a rich lather on the skin Lifebuoy soap's characteristic medicated, carbolic smell has been replaced with a more enjoyable and contemporary 'health' fragrance Lifebuoy has become more than just a red bar of soap – today the brand provides hygiene and health solutions for families, including a range of bar soaps, hand wash liquids and liquid shower gels. One of the most recent Lifebuoy innovations addresses the number one skin hygiene and health concern for teens which is oily and acne prone skin. Lifebuoy Clear Skin is a bar soap formulated using radical new technology that is clinically proven to reduce even severe acne, by 70% in 6 weeks. Regular use, twice a day is proven to prevent and reduce the recurrence of acne Brand Name

The brand's core promise of protection and a commitment to support life through unbeatable protection is at the heart of the brand name itself – Lifebuoy, the guarantee of protection when you are threatened. For example, a 1930's campaign in the US was titled 'Clean hands help guard health', encouraging the use of Lifebuoy soap to kill the germs on hands that can cause health issues. A similar campaign continues today, with Lifebuoy hygiene education programme ongoing in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam. Price:

The price of its mass soap brand Lifebuoy was reduced from Rs13 to Rs12 on 90gm and from Rs15 to Rs14 on a 150g bar. The price of the small pack of Lifebuoy was recently cut by a rupee to Rs5. In 2002, a 10 gm bar of lifebuoy was introduced for Rs.2 which could be used for 6 weeks for washing your hands for once a day. Promotion:

Sales promotion
According to HLL, LSC was not philanthropic, but a marketing program aimed towards a social benefit. The aim was to attract those consumers who never used soap. By convincing peopleto use soaps more frequently, it sought to create more users for its brand. Unilever sells 2.6 billion bars of Lifebuoy soap every year across Asia and Africa and is the market leader in every Asian country where it is sold. Nearly half of the Lifebuoy brand's consumption is in rural...
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