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The perception and marketing strategy

Perception is the human brain whole reflect about the stimulus various attributes and each part. The perceptual process can be divided into revealed, pay attention to and understand the three stages. Products, advertising, packaging and marketing stimulation will influence consumers behavior only when their brains produce perception.Understand consumers' perception process, can help company to better grasp the consumer psychology, can help enterprises to better design and producing products, can help enterprises to formulate more suitable marketing strategy, it's has vital significance about the enterprise. Retail Strategy:

1 Exposure occurs when a stimulus is placed within a person’s relevant environment and comes within range of their sensory receptor nerves. Retail often use exposure very effectively attract consumers interesting and curiosity. Example The United States Pepsi company, Pepsi company produce many difference products that based on the different age and need of consumers, such as fashion relaxed drink Hepy, sport drink Gatorade,the taste is numerous Mirinda, and the earliest Pepsi, etc. And these goods at a retail store put the position will also be different, such as teenagers like to drink Hedy and Pepsi will put more conspicuous place revealed out. This kind of retail strategy the product show in front of consumers, successfully attracted the attention of consumers and interest, let consumers have the purchase desire and motivation,stimulate consumption. Brand name and logo development

Brand name can influence anything from food taste to color preference. Example Pepsi is have a long history brand name even in 1890 in the United States has been widely known.Because of its brand influence many people joined the drink coke ranks, now the American people even drink Pepsi cola every day.Today ,The United States Pepsi company has push-off in addition to coke outside more new beverage, we see is the...
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