4p's in the Philippines

Topics: Poverty, Poverty in the United States, Poverty threshold Pages: 9 (3291 words) Published: February 1, 2012
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MARY GRACE FABROS BA Development Studies UP Manila

Statement of the problem

The Philippines has been battling against poverty for over several years now. The problem with poverty was inherited by every president, the highest ranking official of the republic. Because poverty continues to worsen every now and then, the leaders of the country have their own strategies and policy adaptations to combat this serious issue.

The latest campaign against poverty applied in some countries in the world is the Conditional Cash Transfer program (CCT). South American countries like Brazil, Colombia and Mexico had already applied this latest approach. At present, these countries still use the CCT program.

In the Philippines, at present, the CCT program is adopted and applied. It has been named as Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). It is important to conduct a study about this project which has the objective to gradually reduce the rate of poverty in the country through investing in human capital, developing the people themselves. An evaluation or analysis about this project is necessary to clearly see its impact on poverty, especially to the beneficiaries of the program.

This research will try to find an answer to the following questions: 1. Will the program meet its objectives to increase the enrolment rate among children and the rate of families consulting health centers and clinics for check-ups? 2. Does the project fund go reach its beneficiaries in the right time and place?

3. Do the beneficiaries comply with the conditions stated in the program? 4. Can this project be the long-term solution to eradicate poverty? The city of Manila will be the main focus of this research. The reasons why Manila has been chosen to be the focus of the research is because first, it is a city and has an urbanized setting, and there is a number of poor families concentrated in this city which are called urban poor. The main target of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is the urban poor, making the city of Manila the best place to study.

Definition of terms Beneficiaries – It refers to the persons (particularly families) who are chosen to receive a cash grants from Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. This group of people belongs to the poorest of the poor in their communities. Conditional Cash Transfer – It is a program funded by World Bank and Asian Development Bank. The goal of this program is to eradicate poverty through granting help to the poorest of the poor families in the form of cash. In exchange with cash grants, the government sets conditions that the beneficiaries must follow, like sending their children to school, having regular check-up to health centers and receiving vaccinations. Dole-out – It is a term which means giving out grants in small portions. Usually dole-out comes in the form of cash. Poverty – It refers to one of the major societal issues that still exist most especially in the Third World Countries like the Philippines. It is a phenomenon where people experience hunger and deprivation to basic social services like education, health and even shelter. There are different aspects of poverty such as joblessness, malnutrition, among others. In many countries, the instrument used to measure poverty incidence is the poverty line or poverty threshold. The poverty line or poverty threshold classifies people based on their income. Culture of Mendicancy – It refers to the phenomenon of begging to be able to live. People depend on donations to continue living. Urban Poor – It refers to the families classified as poor according to income per capita. These poor families are concentrated in urban setting or cities like Manila. They can be usually found...
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