4MAT Review LIFC 202

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LIFC 202
4-MAT Book Review of Williams and Menendez’s
Becoming a Professional Life Coach


The book “Becoming a Professional Life Coach” (2007) begins with an introduction to coaching as a profession. It also touches on the key concept of coaching, contributions of psychology (major theorist), and the future direction the coaching profession. The book is divided up into three sections. The first section deals with the coaching fundamentals. The coaching fundamentals are a necessity for understanding coaching as a profession, growth, and change. The coaching fundamentals include: listening, language, and the developmental change process. The second section speaks on developing the following skill sets: empowerment, challenging, creating and maintaining momentum. The third section offers a set of tools and methods that your client will be able to use to “design their lives for fulfillment” (p. 55). This also includes: discovering a purpose, living a fulfilling life, identifying hindrances, productivity, establishing boundaries, a person’s mind-set, and self confidence.

Concrete Response:

There several aspects of Williams and Menendez’s book “Becoming a Professional Life Coach” (2007) that correlate to my personal life such as: empowering the client, the language of coaching, stretching the client, the power of purpose, creating momentum with the client, and knowing the difference between coaching and therapy. Eventually I plan to open a coaching practice. However, I have yet to choose a “niche”. I have been contemplating what type of coaching to focus on. Williams and Menendez gives some advice on carefully choosing a niche. They also suggest to be careful not choose the wrong niche. One of my reservations in starting a coaching business would be for it not to be effective and purposeful. The information that Williams and Menendez offered on choosing a niche was very helpful.

In regards to the skills sets that I previously mentioned...

References: Williams and Menendez (2007). Becoming a Professional Life Coach. New York. London
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