4G Wireless Networks

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3G is the generic abbreviation for 3rd generation. It is the wireless technology that initially enabled Internet browsing over wireless networks. An example of 3G technologies is EV-DO. 4G is the generic abbreviation for 4th generation. It is the wireless technology that was designed to optimize data over wireless networks, improving the speed and efficiency of data delivery. LTE is one of the technologies that can be used to build a 4G network. This research will compare contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks.

Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of:

3G Wide Brand Wireless Network is used with which the clarity increases and gives the perfection as like that of a real conversation. The data are sent through the technology called Packet Switching. Voice calls are interpreted through Circuit Switching. It is a highly sophisticated form of communication that has come up in the last decade. In addition to verbal communication it includes data services, access to television/video, categorizing it into triple play service. 3G operates at a range of 2100MHz and has a bandwidth of 15-20MHz. High speed internet service, video chatting are the assets of 3G.

With the help of 3G, we can access many new services such as GLOBAL ROAMING. Another thing to be noted in case of 3G is that Wide Band Voice Channel that is by this the world has been contracted to a little village because a person can contact with other person located in any part of the world and can even send messages too. Then the point to be noted is that 3G gives clarity of voice as well can talk with out any disturbance. Not only these but also have entertainments such as Fast Communication, Internet, Mobile T.V, Video Conferencing, Video Calls, Multi Media Messaging Service (MMS), 3D gaming, Multi-Gaming etc are also available with 3G phones.

The Internet speed of 4G mobile services is 100MBPS (21 MB per second), when compared to the low speed of

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