4g Technology- Advantages and Disadvantages

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Since ancient times, people have sought to find efficient ways of processing, recording and sharing information. Some of the notable examples of such are the papyrus of the Egyptians and the clay tablets of the Babylonians. As civilization started to grow and progress, the need for faster and better ways of transferring information slowly become important. Villages became city-states; nations became empires and people realized that they must establish a constant stream of information for them to prosper. With the invention of paper and the printing press, life became easier but still not enough to support the growing demand for faster communication. In today’s society, especially in business, every speck of time we have could be equivalent to a proportional amount of earning or development. And in order to handle successfully the income generating machineries of the modern world, huge sums of information must be collected from everyday operations, processed and stored in a data base, and accessed and analyzed by concerned users. Managers simply need to know what the customers prefer, how much to store in the warehouse, how long should the assembly line be kept running; investors have to know whether their company’s stocks are doing well; and most people just want to keep updated about everyday events. So, clearly, there is the necessity for a technology that could make the world even smaller. And much better if all information needed by the user can be accessed easily and quickly by a device that fits right on top of the user’s palm. Just imagine if you could join a board meeting half the globe away via high-speed videophone while being relaxed in camping or having a picnic somewhere out there in the mountains, wouldn’t that be great? Truly, we have reached the so-called information age, where every bit of information gathered, processed and shared is as important as the currency that circulates in the economy. Now, industry does not run using only electricity anymore and intellectual managers simply just won’t make decisions out of theories and experiences. There is an ever-growing need for us to be always armed with necessary data and as time passes by, human civilization recognizes the increasing importance of information technology. Here in this paper, we will tackle one of the new breakthroughs that has captured interest in the technological world – the 4G technology.

The Fourth Generation Wireless Technology, commonly known as 4G, is basically an extension of what has been achieved by the 3G and 2G technologies. 4G is used to describe not only cellular telephone systems but also wireless broadband access communications systems. This very promising mobile communications technology is expected to replace 3G system, perhaps in a span of 5 to 10 years, and at the same time provide a vast array of new services, from high-quality video streaming to high-efficiency wireless data transfer.

People speak of the 4G as MAGIC – Mobile multimedia, anytime, anywhere, Global mobility support, Integrated wireless solution, and Customized personal services – because of its very advanced features.

Integration – this summarizes the features of the 4G systems. Flawless integrated networks, terminals and applications suitable to the increasing user demands are an overall feature of this technology. 4G technology will be able to support interactive services like Video conferencing with more than two sites and wireless internet access. When 4G ties up with mobile phones with in-built resolution cameras will result to High-definition capabilities that would support video blogs. The...

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