4G: Functionalities Development and an Analysis of Mobile Wireless Grid

Pages: 18 (3175 words) Published: November 11, 2013
First International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology

Jivesh Govil1, Jivika Govil2
Cisco Systems Inc. USA,1
B.E.(IT) Student, Apeejay College of Engineering, Maharshi Dayanand University, India2, jivikag@email.com

exceptional growth in the areas of mobile subscriber,
wireless network access, mobile services, and
applications. An estimate of presently 1.1 billion users
justifies the study and research for 4G system.

Abstract— With the emerging innovations in wireless
communication networks, it is anticipated that fourth
generation mobile systems will be launched within a decade
or before. 4G mobile systems focus on seamlessly integrating the existing wireless technologies including WCDMA,
HSUPA/HSDPA, 1xEVDO, Wireless LAN, and Bluetooth.
4G systems aspire to support comprehensive and
personalized services, providing stable system performance
and quality service. However, with ever-changing
specifications and standards, developing a prototype that
provides the 4G systems’ capabilities requires a flexible
process. Besides, migrating current systems to 4G presents
enormous challenges. This paper intends to deal with the
fundamentals and issues of networks, technologies,
spectrum, standards, terminals, services of 4G and about
the visions that the network operators and service providers see for the evolution of 4G mobile systems. The paper
endeavors to make an evaluation on development,
transition, and roadmap for fourth generation mobile
communication system with a perspective of wireless
convergence domain. Finally, a brief discussion on future
research issues in 4G is presented.

At present, plethora of wireless technologies with their
own merits and demerits exist globally, the upcoming 4G
mobile communications system is foreseeing potentially a
smooth merger of these technologies with a goal to
support cost effective seamless communication at high
data rate supported with global roaming and user
customized personal services.
Technically, 4G stands for one integrated, IP-based
environment for all telecommunications requirements
including voice, video, broadcasting media and Internet
that utilizes both fixed and wireless networks. Users
being central focus in 4G, by means of intelligent
terminals, can get simple broadband access to a range of
services that take into account his personal preferences
and context. Even without interrupting ongoing
conversation, work or video viewing, the user can change
terminals or switch unnoticeably between the underlying
fixed and mobile networks (UMTS, WLAN, etc.). And
by means of ad-hoc networking, his mobile terminals can
form networks among themselves or with the terminals of
third parties. Throughout all this complex procedures, the
user always maintains full control over privacy, security
risks and costs. This extraordinary vision regarding 4G
networks and services is a natural extension of the current
development of broadband Internet and 3G mobile
networks like UMTS.

Key Words —3G Networks, 4G Mobile Communications,

The evolving fourth generation (4G) mobile
communication systems are expected projected to solve
still-remaining problems of third generation (3G) systems
and to provide a wide variety of new services, from highquality voice to high-definition video to high-data-rate wireless channels. The term 4G is used broadly to include
several types of broadband wireless access
communication systems, not only cellular telephone
systems. One of the terms used to describe 4G is
MAGIC—Mobile multimedia, Anytime anywhere,
Global mobility support, Integrated wireless solution, and
Customized personal service. The 4G systems will not
only support the next generation of mobile service, but
also support the fixed wireless networks....
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