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4243726 Lab6 ISSC421

By zer0latency Apr 19, 2015 312 Words

1. What firewall does Global Enterprises use?
a. pfSense

2. What version of firewall did Global Enterprises install?
a. 2.0

3. What is the current version number of the firewall software used by Global Enterprises? a. 2.2

4. What email server does Global Enterprises use?
a. Courier

5. What are Global Enterprises Domain Name Servers?

6. Which Global Enterprises employee used to work for the Los Angeles Police Department? a. No employee shows a past history of work for LAPD.

7. Where did LouAnne Garfinkle work before coming to Global Enterprises? a. Rugs-R-Us

8. Job applicants often feel as if the job description were written especially for them, in LouAnne’s case that was true. Briefly describe what elements of the job ad from Part 2 of the lab might appeal specifically to LouAnne Garfinkle. a. Specifically mentions a minimum of 20 years of experience, and a related degree. Also states that salary will be commensurate with experience.

9. What is the difference between social engineering and reverse social engineering? a. Social engineering is used in the real world. Reverse social engineering is used in the cyber world. b. Social engineering is used on most people. Reverse social engineering is used on people with specialized law enforcement training. c. In social engineering the con artist goes to the target, in reverse social engineering the con artist gets the target to come to them. d. In social engineering email is taken from the subject, in reverse social engineering the subject is sent email or SPAM. e. Only script kiddies do social engineering, Reverse social engineering is done by professional cyber criminals.

10. What is the top objective of an anti-social engineering campaign within an organization? a. Penalties
b. Awareness
c. Spying on co-workers
d. Spying on bosses
e. Spying on subordinates
f. All of c-e above

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