4222-222.2 Be able to prepare to provide support for eating and drinking

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4222.222.2 Be able to prepare to provide support for eating and drinking

Identify the level and type of support an individual requires when eating and drinking

I should always check the individuals care plan to establish the level of support required by the individual when eating and drinking. I should also ask colleagues, the individual’s family, friends and the individual if they would like help and how they would like me to help. I must ensure I’m not imposing a level of support which suits me or my organisation rather than the individual. I should provide the minimum of support possible in order for the task to be accomplished regardless of how long this will take or the mess the individual may make.

I may need to support individuals to prepare for meal time with things such as protective clothing. I should check if they need support with positioning to ensure they are comfortable whilst eating and drinking. It may be that the individual is able to feed themselves, if provided with the correct equipment to do so. By providing the individual with the correct equipment I’m providing active support and ensuring that I’m supporting them in a way that helps the individual maintain their independence There is specially adapted cutlery available for individuals who may have arthritic fingers, where they are not able to grip conventional cutlery. An individual suffering with dementia may need to be prompted to eat at regular intervals. The individual may be sight impaired making it difficult to eat independently. An individual suffering with dysphagia and have difficulty swallowing. They would require their food to be pureed or may need to be fed via P.E.G. tube. Some individuals may need to be fed if they do not have the use of their hands. There are many different levels and types of support depending on the individuals circumstances.

Demonstrate effective hand-washing and use of protective clothing...
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