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4.1.1 Study: Momentum and Newton's Second Law

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Claire Hasenoehrl

Physical Science (S2541215)

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Use the spaces below to take notes on the key concepts presented in this study. Main idea #1: If something is moving, it has momentum. Impulse is change in momentum.

The product of mass and velocity


vector because it has both magnitude and

the product of the amount of force on an object and
the time during which the force is applied

An impulse causes change in momentum



Main idea #2: In an isolated system, momentum before a collision is equal to momentum after the collision.

When one object exerts a force on a second
object, the second one exerts a force on the
first that’s equal in strength and opposite in

When you have an isolated system with no
external forces, the initial total momentum of
the objects before the collision equals the final
total momentum of the objects after the

Because the forces must be equal and the
time the objects are in contact is the same
for each object, we know that the impulse
each receives is also equal.

p (1b) + p (2b) = p (1a) + p (2a)
1/2 before/after

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