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Ensure Team effectiveness


Consulting team members in the teams helps them to feel free to express their views, feelings, and possible solutions to any problems. Employees in the team act as if they are properly heard out and listened to by the management and other team members who want to understand. Team members usually ask questions for precision and take time to listen with keen interest. Teamwork helps team members to learn more because if one member doesn’t know something, he can learn it from team members. Team performance plans helps the organizations to form strategic goals. This goals and objectives can be established from strategic vision of the company. They include long term scheduling such as one year product and profits plans and communicates strategic aims to the organizational community. It also helps the organization to identify its core competencies. The plans help the management to establish teams in their companies using this as a socio technique to incorporate the rapid changes in the setting. To support team members meet their outcomes, members of the team need to work closely with other team members to achieve results. Team members are supposed to keenly listen to their colleagues and customers while reporting their desires for team members to achieve goals, particularly when they busy or working in difficult periods. Team members should Share information with colleagues in the team and contributes to team deliberations. The manager should ensure that he gives current job description of each team member, and be as inclusive as each duty that employees have. While the team is doing a job, it is imperative to apply responsibility assignment matrix that help to show duties and tasks well. At times, employees don't take responsibility since they feel lazy on their work. To ensure that employees understand how their duties ties into the greater goals of the business. Focus on the importance of what team members are doing, and paint a picture that shows the unfriendly direct and indirect concerns that occur when they don’t work properly. Organization need to conduct meetings, brainstorming session, interviews, communication via email, newsletter or other relevant mode of communication to ensure that all new employees have the opportunity to contribute towards the team an team plan. It also enables workers to get to the organizational goals, objective and know each other while learning about one another, and always stay inspired. A great team player may get the work done in silence but may be nervous away speaking often and speaking up. Good team players talk their ideas justly and clearly while respecting the opinions and views of other team members. Effective clear communication done usefully and courteously is the key to one getting heard. This can be effective if all the networks and systems enable employees and managers to get the right information at the correct time to undertake their work, share opinion and discuss matter that arise in the meeting . The management can learn from the employees and vice-versa A manager can come up with a review process which is complex and takes a lot of time with long forms of detailed data. This process can be simple. Designing an assessment process begins with the work itself, not the employee. Preferably, every job has duties, tasks and duties agreed by both the supervisor and employee by job description. This description offers standards besides which performance can be evaluated (Salas et al. 2008 p. 540). Activity Performance is good to use because of the straight link between the preliminary goals. Proper arrangements should be established with all important external stakeholders that are aimed at making sure that their different needs are met. For example, arrangements include: identifying significant interaction points; content and timing of meetings and other...

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