400 Blows

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The 400 Blows by: François Truffaut

I have loved film ever since I was a little girl. Though, like many American film lovers, I have yet to explore many foreign films. The foreign films that I have watched I have enjoyed, but I have been fortunate to travel to many countries in my youth, so I have an understanding of European lifestyles. European life is much different than American life thus we see examples in film. Life is much slower paced in Europe than in America. American’s expect to be dazzled by effects and extraordinary, mind-altering concepts while watching films, which isn’t a bad thing. On the other hand you have foreign expectationsfor films, which may not have many extravagant mind-altering concepts, but they do explore concepts we see everyday that alters the mind.

All art is created from what we see, know, or feel. Having been to Europe many times, I can see the life styles that are being portrayed. In America there is a big hype on making fortunes and becoming famous. In Europe, I noticed that there were a lot of family owned businesses, there isn’t the cultural pressure to go to college to be accepted as complete. They’re simple people living simple lives, thus making foreign films slower, and often not constrained to having “happy endings”. A lot of foreign films jolt American audiences with there crude or brutal appearance of violence or sex. But most of all, foreign films tend to cross a line that American film makers don’t dare to explore.

This movie shows a lot about childhood and growing up without sugar coating. It shows the repercussions of Antoine’s actions as real as the director could make it. He lies and he gets punished, he steals and he gets punished. There is a clear misunderstanding of Antoine that the audience can see. Though this misunderstanding is not shoved in your face. It’s constantly shown throughout the piece that Antoine is just a naive boy growing up. Though, like many children of his age, he finds his way...
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