4 p s for cannon

Topics: Digital single-lens reflex camera, Single-lens reflex camera, Camera Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: April 20, 2015
4 p’s for cannon .

When one talks about canon ones mind is instantly associated with the best high end cameras . The company is committed in taking on the world with sheer determination and new concepts. Creating new ideas and new . It has many competitors and some of them are Nikon, Sony, Samsung.


Canon has the bragging rights of of being first in many things like the Rangefinder camera, a 10-key Japanese calculator, a camera with single lens reflex, the AE-1 camera with a microcomputer, the world’s first digital camera, . Canon’s new DSLR camera has CMOS sensor of 18MP, a three-inch LCD screen, HD video of 1080p, wireless that is inbuilt and the most important part lens kit of 18-55 IS. Canon’s cameras are the best in terms of quality and durability. The materials used are of superior quality and hence, their sustainability is assured. . Their aim of re-use and re-cycle products include material re-cycling and thermal re-cycling. This action is being appreciated by the world. Their consumer products are energy efficient and are designed in such a manner that all international guidelines are well met.


Canon believes that in order to be successful they have to have superior quality . . To attract the potential as well as loyal shoppers the company has tried to maintain a balance between the selling price and the cost price. Their pricing policy has guaranteed the consumers that it will charge the least possible amount for every product. However, due to increasing competition, Canon follows the competitive pricing mentality. In camera’s there is Olympus, Nikon and others. The company has maintained a price policy that is affordable so that maximum number of people can purchase the products.Their philosophy is that If the price seems very convenient to the customer then he will be unable to resist it. . All the Canon items are divided into groups according to its suitability and range. It has tried to keep its...
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