4 Dynasties

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DYANSTIES (sequence of rulers from same family)
First known Chinese dynasty (1750-1027 BCE)
Woman sold into slavery
Religion: animism, ancestor worship, human and animal sacrificeReplaced Shang rulers as they came from the north, they adopted and built on Shang culture/ achievements and expanded territory •Dominated early Chinese civilization along Huanghe river •Lasted from 1027-480 BCE, longest dynasty in Chinese history •Didn’t establish powerful government, ruled through alliances with regional princes and noble families because they couldn’t control their territories directly •Ended because of political problems ( as alliances got stronger they stopped listening to central government) and invasion from nomadic people •Extended territory of China by encouraging settles to move to Yangtze River valley, this expansion brought two different agricultures- wheat and rice (extensive canals and dikes built in south for rice) a)Wheat in north, rice in south = population increase

b)Expansion complicated government control; transport difficult •Banned human sacrifice encouraged ceremonies for gods
Wanted people to speak same language
Mandate of heaven: after Zhou defeated Shang they said gods told them to rule a)Mandate had 4 principles
1.Right to rule granted by heaven
2.1 heaven = 1 ruler
3.Right to rule based on virtue of ruler
4.Right to rule is not limited to 1 dynasty
Iron- improvement over bronze/ weapons and plow tip
Much warfare among nobility
a)Crossbow first developed
b)Cavalry added to chariots and foot soldiers

DYNATIES (dynastic cycle: rise, rule, and fall)
Ruled from 221-207 BCE
Ruler took title Qin Shi Huangdi, or first emperor, he was a brutal ruler •Was careful to choose who ruled the different regions so they wouldn’t betray him (they would owe their power to him) •Powerful armies crushed regional resistance

Built Great Wall to prevent invasions
Extended Chinese...
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