4 Fuctions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management

A look at contemporary management requires a look into the four functions of management. These are basic building blocks of sound management practices and are present in all successful corporations today. The four functions are; planning, organization, leading, and control. The first of these, planning, is appropriately placed in the terms of importance also. Planning is the most important part of a corporation's stature. Any corporation that wants to survive and meet all of its targeted goals knows planning is the first and foremost step in that journey. To lay out the intended track and desired goal is a guarantee to realize what actions must be taken and what structure is needed. In light of this knowledge the corporation will know what senior executive staff to tailor into position and how to attract or develop from within its junior executive managers. This falls into the region of organization and will be discussed further into the paper. In returning to the realm of planning let's delve into the details and background for a companies existence. The planning stage is a point for the company to recognize opportunities and challenges from internal and external sources and plan for all known possible contingencies. An obvious point is sometimes not so obvious nor dealt with in the planning stage. This is the area of knowing what niche of the market the company intends to target. Successful corporations know exactly what market they are intending to reach. They lay out strategies to get their product or service to their market mass in the most impact full presentation possible. The next stage is organization. As stated earlier; the executive staff is part of the organizational phase and deserves a considerable amount of focus to ensure the intended and planned goals of the corporation are propagated through its management staffing. Most fortune 500 companies now pay particular attention to it's senior level and manager...
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