4 Four Functions of Management

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Management Four Functions Rosa L. Flores University of Phoenix Management: Theory, Practice, and Application/ Mgt 330 Kennett Baca December 20, 2008 Management Four Functions This paper will define the four basic functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. This paper will also describe how these were applied in my worksplace. Management definitively has more functions than just the four mentioned above. The four that will be discussed in this paper are the four basic and most important ones. To understand better the four functions of management, one must define management first; Management means using limited resources of a company, in an effective and efficient way, to achieve goals, and increase productivity. Good management will be able to accomplish these goals, by including employees in these goals, and by guiding his or her decisions by the four functions of management (Kenneth Baca, 2008), (“Global Business Capabilities,” 2004). The following are the four functions of management, and their meaning. Planning ' Function of systematically making decisions about the goals and activities that an individual, a group, a work unit, or the overall organization will pursue (Kenneth Baca, 2008), (“Global Business Capabilities,” 2004). In simple words Planning is; deciding what are going to be these goals, and deciding ahead of time what are the right actions to take, to achieve these goals. The person planning must take the time to analyze current situations, decide what activities the company is going to participate in; determine the objectives, and basically anticipate the future to a certain extent. This person must anticipate possible conflicts, and must plan how to deal with them (“Global Business Capabilities,” 2004). Organizing ' Is to build a Dynamic Organization. The function of assembling, and coordinating human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to...

References: ed.). : McGraw-Hill. Global Business Capabilities (2004). Business Strategy Review, 15(4), p 7. Retrieved, December 24, 2008, from Ebsco Host database. Kenneth Baca. (December, 2008). Management: Theory, Practice and Application [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from; www.ecampus.phoenix.edu.
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