4 examples of overusing digital devices

Topics: Repetitive strain injury, Chair, Carpal tunnel syndrome Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: March 30, 2014
over using digital devices can lead to a number of problems such as eye strain. this can occur when you look at a device for to long, this can also occur when the screen is too bright or too close to you. this can be solved by making sure the screen is not to bright but so you can see it, and have it a sutible distance away from you when using it, experts suggest around 15-20cm away. you can also make sure you avoid this is going for regular eye check and if you do need glasses you wear them when using the device for long amounts of time. if you do have to use it for a long periods of time take regular breaks and look around the room. Another problem could be obesity, this could happen by working long hours and not receiving enough exercise or children and teenagers sitting and playing computer games for excessive periods of time. to prevent this you need to take regular breaks and maybe go for a walk even if its around the block, you need to also have regular workout sessions even if its a couple of hours a week. Back problems and pain is another problem so people get. this is when you sit for too long without sutible support for you and you begin to get pain in your neck legs and lower back. to prevent this you need a comfortable chair and get one so that your elbows are just below the desk making sure that your able to put your feet flat to the floor. if necessary get a back support to support the arch in your back if you are sat working for along time in your chair with little movements.another one is RSI (repetitive strain injury) this can be causes when someone goes the same thing for long periods of time such as typing without breaks or clicking on the screen on the smartphone or clicking a computer mouse repetitively, to try and prevent this take regular breaks and you could wear a wrist support to support your wrists some of the symptoms of RSI include tenderness, aches and pain, cramp, stiffness, weakness, tingling, numbness or swelling. another way...
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